Are suffering from bad oral health, but refrain from traditional dentistry? That’s completely fine! There are loads of people who prefer alternative treatments. Holistic dentistry is a great alternative to traditional dentistry. It is also known as biological dentistry.

Why choose Holistic Dentistry?

With the increasing awareness about toxicants and side effects of antibiotics medicines, more and more people are choosing natural and organic alternatives. Holistic dentistry is an approach towards a healthy mind and body. Holistic dentists work to fill the void between traditional dentistry and natural remedies.

What is the purpose of Holistic Dentistry?

The basic motto of the holistic dentist is:

  • Prevention of dental treatments containing toxicants.
  • Prevention of dental complications with the help of nutrition.
  • Prevention of gum diseases and treatment with biological resources.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Where your traditional dentist might only focus on fixing your oral health problems, your holistic dentist would find a permanent solution to it.

  • Say no to fluoride: It is strange as traditional dentistry revolves around get-everything-that-has-fluoride. But, FLUORIDE IS BANNED in holistic dentistry. There is a solid reason behind it. As holistic dentistry approaches the entire body’s wellness, fluoride tends to harm it. A recent study has shown that fluoride is one of the active ingredients that cause dementia, severe brain damage, cancer, and what not! As scary as it may sound, fluoride is harmful to your teeth as well. Therefore, holistic dentists in San Diego prefer natural alternatives to it.

  • Say no to amalgam: Not every shiny thing is healthy, holistic dentistry takes a closer look at everything. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances in existence as they are reported to get themselves stored in the tissues and escaping from your dental fillings. Holistic dentistry actively prevents mercury in their treatments. The natural alternative of amalgam fillings is composite fillings made from glass and plastic.

  • Say no to harmful radiation: X-rays tend to harm the human body in uncountable ways. Therefore, they are seldom used. As an alternative, digital x-rays are used as they are comparatively less harmful.

  • Opting natural alternatives: You might have realized by now that holistic dentistry is all about choosing naturally available materials as an alternative. They tend to cure every dental issue with the help of natural resources. By cutting on harmful foods, and adopting healthy habits, we can certainly cure everybody’s problem.

  • Focus on complete wellness: Be it mental health or physical health, holistic dentistry cares about both of them. It is important to live a happy and healthy life. Your holistic dentist will treat you with mindful techniques and exercises.

Well, these methods might work gradually, but the results are life-altering. You can find a holistic dentist in California at San Diego Fine Dentistry. Holistic dentistry not only benefits you to get better overall health but also saves you from spending money on other medical expenses. You will definitely get in better overall health and some extra bucks in your pocket!

Our holistic dentists are professionals, and we take proper safety measurements in these Covid times. To get this life-changing experience, contact us now for a consultation.

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