Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about holistic dentistry:

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Instead of focusing solely on your teeth and gums, a holistic dentist in San Diego will take a step back and examine how your oral health affects the rest of your body.

Consider the example of how jaw dysfunction can cause muscle tension, which causes chronic pain from your head to your fingertips; and gum disease can lead to systemic inflammation, which has an impact on your cardiovascular health. This dentistry offers better support to your health as it acknowledges your body as a connected system, with each part interacting with the others. Holistic dentists collaborate with nutritionists, osteopaths, chiropractors, speech therapists, and other holistic practitioners to provide the best possible care for your health.

Why is holistic dentistry better?

Many people find this dentistry better than the traditional one because it believes that oral care extends beyond the teeth and gums. It is more concerned with your entire body and its role in dental health.

What treatments are included in this dentistry?

A holistic dentist will offer you dental fillings (with materials not containing mercury such as composite fillings), education on oral health techniques, alternative treatments for head, jaw, and neck pain, dental check-ups, dental cleanings, and whole health evaluations.

How does holistic dentistry offer dental fillings?

The use of mercury-free dental fillings is one of the hallmarks of holistic dentistry. To fill cavities in teeth, holistic dentists use BPA-free composite material. This filling material is not only safer but it can also be matched to almost the exact color of the rest of your teeth for a more natural appearance — blending in flawlessly with your smile. If you want to experiment with different materials, then a test is available for determining which materials are best for your body and health concerns.

Does dental insurance cover holistic dentistry?

Many of the treatments offered under this dentistry are covered by dental insurance. However, there may be treatments that are not. You can contact your dental insurance company to learn more about their coverage of holistic dentistry treatments. Additionally, your holistic dentist in San Diego can also help you understand your insurance plan as well as inform you about out-of-pocket expenses.

What is holistic dentistry’s opinion on fluoride?

Holistic dentists either do not use fluoride at all or generally do not recommend it. This is because many dentists are still sceptical of fluoride’s scientific merits in preventing cavities when applied to the teeth. Instead, they are more concerned about its build-up in the body. They argue that, even if fluoride helps prevent cavities, putting it in your mouth regularly may allow absorption by the mouth lining and into the bloodstream. It has the potential to build up and cause other health issues in the future. The reason is that fluoride is poisonous to the human body, and the human mouth lining is extremely absorbent.

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