Do you know when oral health problems occur, there are two ways to go? One is to get an instant cure, and the other is to find the root cause of the problem. The first one could be taking a prescribed pain killer and get instant relief, it is called traditional dentistry. Meanwhile, the second one would be through natural and biocompatible resources, along with some therapies and acupuncture. Sounds lengthy? Yes, it is indeed LENGTHY, but the results are refreshing, and wholesome, resulting in BETTER ORAL HEALTH. It is called holistic dentistry.

Holistic dentistry is an attractive and effective treatment. However, it is NOT a quick solution. If you’re looking for some immediate relief, traditional dentistry would be your buddy!

Understanding holistic dentistry in a proper way

Holistic dentistry is not only about finding a root cause and its solution. It is about taking your lifestyle, overall health, your eating habits, and circumstances into account and then treating you.

There are a variety of treatment methods used in holistic dentistry. From aromatherapy to homeopathy, holistic dentistry is all about physical and mental wellness.

Comparing Traditional vs Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry has become a common practice amongst dentists. However, there are loads of dentists which also practice traditional dentistry.

As we have discussed that there are major differences in both treatments? But, what does that exactly mean? Does a holistic dentist ask to breathe more than a traditional dentist?

No, actually traditional dentists care more about your oral health ONLY. He might ask you to improve your diet, avoid smoking and caffeine, but it won’t be a part of your treatment. They will suggest practical solutions to get rid of any gum infection. For instance, to operate the tooth decay, or suggest a root canal treatment, or dental implant, bridge, and teeth whitening. These treatments stand on the top of traditional dentistry.

Holistic dentistry, on the other hand, is not claiming that these standard treatments are not beneficial. Instead, they have come up with other methods to treat dental issues.

Nutritional value

Your holistic dentist would make a report about your daily food consumption and caffeine intake. Nutrition education is a treatment method in holistic dental practice. Yeah, for REAL.


Most people are not aware of the acupuncture points that can reduce pain in less than minutes. In a holistic approach, dentists adopt this field as well.


Homeopathy is often regarded as a rival of allopathy. Homeopathic medicines work gradually but affect deeply. The results are mind-blowing. There are loads of balls homeopathy is juggling. Dental health improves without making you feel dizzy all this time.


By now, you must have realized that holistic dentistry is a whole-body experience. Aromatherapy is effective in treating many oral health issues.

There are other treatment methods that your dentist might emphasize upon. However, these four are more common. These are more of a therapy than a treatment. The best part is your whole body gets benefits from it.

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