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Fine Dentistry
Sabine A. Purps, DDS, APC & Rebecca A. Marsh, DDS
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Let us show you WHY we are different!

San Diego Holistic Dentists - Rebecca A. Marsh, DDS  and  Sabine A. Purps, DDS, APC 


San Diego Holistic Dentists - Rebecca A. Marsh, DDS and Sabine A. Purps DDS, APC 

A Different Approach to Dentistry.

Our patients get better and healthier each time they see us. 

At Fine Dentistry, we use a holistic approach to dental care that emphasizes the "why" instead of the "what," and seek to find the causes of dental disease rather than just treating the symptoms.  We strive to give you THE UNDERSTANDING  on HOW you can keep your teeth for the rest of your life! Let us  plan how you  can help yourself overcome the challenges which may have been preventing you from having a healthy smile.

A Welcoming, Friendly Atmosphere
Dr. Sabine A. Purps and Dr. Rebecca A. Marsh understand that many people are fearful of the dentist. They work hard to foster a warm environment where patients are treated as guests and can truly feel at home. Our office features all of the latest technological innovations within a positive, nurturing atmosphere.

A Specialized Range of Services for your LIFETIME OPTIMUM DENTAL HEALTH !
Dr. Purps and Dr. Marsh offer a full range of dental services at their San Diego dental office, including general dentistry, emergency dentistry, family dentistry, prosthodontics, restoration of dental implantsInvisalign® and periodontal care. They also partner with top specialists in the area to assist whenever the need arises. Nutritional counseling is even available to help you promote healthy teeth from the inside out through our wellness coordinators.

It's time for you to be free of the dental problems that may be causing you pain, embarrassment and discomfort. Dental disease is preventable.  Let us empower you to take charge of your own oral health.  Schedule your appointment at Fine Dentistry's dental office in Old Town San Diego and get on the path to good oral health.

Let us show you how you can break the disease cycle.

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San Diego Holistic Dentists - San Diego Natural Dentists 
Sabine A. Purps, DDS                             Rebecca A. Marsh, DDS


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