Preventive and Protective Dentistry for San Diego Cancer Patients

Getting a cancer diagnosis is a difficult time for you and your family members. Questions of your health are at the forefront of the conversation, but your oral health often doesn’t make the list. If you are dealing with cancer and treatment of this condition, your teeth and gums are affected as well, which is why Dr. Purps, Dr. Marsh, and the team at Fine Dentistry help you protect your teeth and gums with pre-cancer dental treatment in San Diego, so you can work on getting well and not have to worry about your smile.

Dental Treatment for Patients with Cancer

For patients with cancer, their dental treatment plan will focus on oral disease management and oral health stabilization. Typical cancer treatment, such as radiation therapy, can present issues for the state of your oral health; Drs. Marsh and Purps’ goal is to protect and strengthen your teeth so that cancer treatments do not have an adverse impact on the state of your smile.  Fine Dentistry offers:

Oral Disease Management – We take into account any existing cavities and other instances of oral health problems, such as tooth infections and gum disease. We want to stabilize your oral health so that you can proceed with cancer treatment and not have to worry about your dental needs. If you are experiencing severe oral health problems, we treat these issues first and manage less serious issues from there.

Pre-Treatment and Preventive Measures –  Good pre-treatment includes healthy preventive measures to strengthen teeth and prevent decay, as well as good general oral care (brushing and flossing). We protect your teeth and coach on best practices for taking care of your smile for better oral health management.

Temporary Dental Restorations – Temporary dental restorations are the best way to protect damaged teeth before cancer treatment and before you can support permanent dental prosthetics. With temporaries, you can still enjoy full oral function and will be able to receive your permanent treatment as soon as it’s best for you.

Coordinated Pre-Cancer Dental Care

We establish the right care plan for you by working closely with your oncologist and maintaining excellent communication between our offices. Typically, the best time to come see our San Diego dentists is about one month before you begin chemotherapy – this gives us time to regulate your oral health and ensure that your teeth are strong enough to support radiation treatment for cancer.

The first phase of chemotherapy is the window of time that can produce the most oral health issues – if a complication is going to come up, it’s likely to do so in this phase. We prepare you before-hand by stabilizing your current oral health condition and working with your team of medical specialists to create the dental treatment plan that works with your cancer treatments.

Need More Information about Dentistry for Cancer Patients?

Dr. Sabine Purps and Dr. Rebecca Marsh welcome you into their office for customized dental care that supports your best oral health before, during, and after cancer therapy.  We take a proactive treatment approach to protect your oral health, which includes the use of sealants, temporaries, and other preventive measures. Our team of dentists works with your team of medical specialists to find out what will work best for you.

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