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Root Cause, Comprehensive Dentistry in San Diego, CA

San Diego Root Cause Dentistry by Dr. Purps

Fine Dentistry is a root cause, comprehensive dental practice in San Diego that provides care for your body by first considering the best of care for your smile. While people make different associations with the term “root cause”, we simply want it to mean a comprehensive and big-picture approach to dentistry.

Your teeth and gums don’t exist in isolation — they are connected to your nervous system and cardiovascular system. This is why Dr. Purps never treats just individual teeth but considers bodily health and wellness as well. In short, root cause dental care is the level of comprehensive and quality treatment you deserve.

We encourage you to learn more about how this approach to dentistry can make a significant positive impact on your well-being.

Root Cause Dentistry Explained

Your mouth is the gateway to your digestive system, which receives nutrients from the foods that you eat. What happens to your teeth and gums happens to the rest of your body, but most dentists only treat the teeth and gums on their own, ignoring the important connection between dental health and good health overall.

Root cause, comprehensive dentistry involves treating dental problems as well as getting to the bottom of their underlying causes. These could be systemic issues related to poor nutrition, complications of illnesses, or problems localized to the mouth. The goal of root cause dentistry is to treat the whole person to promote dental and overall health.

Dr. Sabine Purps’ approach can make all the difference in the health of your smile and the rest of your body.

The Benefits of Root Cause Dental Care in San Diego from Fine Dentistry

Root cause, comprehensive dentistry focuses on the whole person with procedures planned in a way that produces the best possible outcome without posing risk to other parts of the body. This means abstaining from the use of mercury and other potentially toxic materials, as well as promoting a treatment environment that is sanitary and free of pollution. Patients are treated with a closed water filtration system to avoid impurities in the materials used to clean and protect their smiles.

At Fine Dentistry in San Diego, root cause dentistry is always used in the treatment planning approach. Dr. Purps and her team offer the following services that fit into this unique approach to dental care:

• Nutritional counseling
• Coordinated care with physicians when necessary
• Amalgam separator for safely removing metal restorations
• Ozonizer to remove germs and impurities from the air
• Digital x-ray systems to reduce radiation exposure by up to 75 percent

In conjunction with the above technologies, our San Diego root cause, comprehensive dentist focuses on patient-centered care and education on treatment options. When recommending procedures, we take the time to explain the benefits and how certain treatments can correct the root causes of dental issues.

Ask Dr. Purps about Root Cause Dental Care

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