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Bioesthetics in San Diego, CA

The practice of dentistry has evolved over centuries, creating and perfecting ways to deal with dental problems. However, while many modern dental treatments can provide relief to current issues, they fail to account for problems that may develop over time and cause problems later in life. Bioesthetics seeks to rectify this by considering the whole facial structure and designing a plan to achieve optimal oral health and beauty.

Dr. Sabine Purps of Fine Dentistry has been practicing bioesthetics for decades, helping patients determine and work toward long-term dental health goals. Schedule a comprehensive consultation with our convenient San Diego office today.

What Are Bioesthetics?

Bioesthetics is a modern dental practice that seeks to examine the entire facial structure – including the mouth, head, neck, and sinuses – and anticipate potential health problems, thereby promoting optimal oral health and beauty during the patient’s lifetime.

This approach examines various details, such as how the jaw moves, how the teeth come together when speaking and chewing, and the overall shape of the dentition. These details are then used to extrapolate whether the current teeth and jaw alignment is likely to lead to health issues, such as:

• Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder
• Head and Neck Tension
• Tooth Loss
• Worn, Misshapen or Damaged Teeth

Using the bioesthetic approach curtails these health risks by moving patients toward their ideal dental model, providing better health and a more pleasing smile aesthetic.

The Bioesthetic Treatment Plan

Our practice uses the latest in root cause, comprehensive methods and technology to gain a clear picture of the patient’s entire mouth and adjoining structures. We use a high-tech CBCT scanner (cone beam computed tomography) which creates a 3D image of the teeth, jaw, throat, and sinuses. This allows us a better understanding of how the entire structure works together and impacts each element of a patient’s oral health.

We create a master plan with each patient, discussing what they want to achieve with their dental health and the best ways to maintain optimal health over time. Our practice provides a variety of treatments to address each patient’s individual dental needs, such as:

• Dental implant placement
• Invisalign
• Prosthodontics
• Cranio-sacral therapy
• Occlusal splints

Root Cause Dentistry in San Diego

Fine Dentistry is dedicated to providing patients with exceptional service in all areas of our practice. From our beautiful modern office to our advanced technology and root cause approach, we offer our patients rejuvenating treatment that enhances wellness and promotes a better quality of life.

We are eager to empower our patients to take charge of their dental health now and in the future. Get proactive about your dental health by scheduling a visit with our office today.

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