Maintaining a beautiful smile starts with your oral health habits. Keeping your smile looking its best takes diligent care from both you and our dedicated dental team.

Call our dental practice in San Diego and schedule your visit to Fine Dentistry today. We offer cleaning and preventive treatments to help patients achieve and maintain healthy, wonderful smiles.

Total Health Exams and Cleanings

Our practice takes a unique total wellness approach to dental care. Not only is it important for oral health to visit the dental practice at least twice a year, it is often a preventive measure against exacerbating overall health issues.

The mouth is often considered the gateway to the rest of the body. When the smile is compromised, it either signals underlying issues with the rest of the body, or contributes to them. Over time, if dental issues are left untreated, they become larger health issues that require extensive treatment.

Your Partners in Oral Health Care

Visiting Fine Dentistry for comprehensive examinations and routine cleanings prevents on-going issues and allows Dr. Sabine to take a proactive approach to patients’ dental healthcare.
At the heart of any dental practice is making the right diagnosis, and ensuring patients receive quality treatment to get their oral health back up to par. We use state-of-the-art technology to determine which treatments are appropriate to treat patients gently and comprehensively.


If our dentist considers that a patient could be susceptible to health issues in the future, Dr. Sabine can suggest several options for preventive care.

Fluoride treatment strengthens enamel by providing teeth with the active agent in the remineralization process.

Sealants protect smiles from food debris and bacteria buildup, preventing cavities and advanced decay. While suggested for many young patients, sealants work for everyone and are advised for any patient that may face greater likelihood of developing cavities.

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Dr. Sabine Purps and our hygienist are diligent in our routine care. We provide one-on-one treatment, ensuring each patient receives the individual care they need to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Fine Dentistry offers comprehensive dental care, helping patients in San Diego improve their oral health. Call Fine Dentistry today, and schedule a consultation with our holistic dentist, Dr. Sabine Purps.

We gladly serve patients from Mission Hills, La Jolla, and across San Diego County.

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