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Biocompatible Dentistry in San Diego, CA

Dr. Sabine Purps is proud to offer biocompatible dentistry in the Mission Hills area of San Diego. Biocompatible dentistry is part of our root cause, comprehensive treatment approach and is used to provide dental care that is compatible with organic teeth and tissue, ultimately benefitting patients’ overall health. With different materials and technologies available, biocompatible dentistry accommodates patients to ensure the dentistry they receive will promote overall health and wellness.

The Benefits of Biocompatible Dental Services

To support our mission of gentle, biocompatible dentistry, Fine Dentistry utilizes modern technology and aesthetic materials that are non-irritating and durable. We want you and your whole family to have healthier smiles through safe services that protect your dentition and your long-term total health.

We believe that the health of your body is dependent on many factors, with oral health being a significant contributor. If a procedure may cause adverse effects on teeth or soft tissue, we seek another option that is gentler on your system. Our biocompatibility tests help us decide if you are allergic to any dental materials, while our methods for removing older, potentially harmful restorations allow our dentists to comprehensively protect your overall health.

Dr. Purps supports biocompatible dental care by incorporating the following technologies:

Ozonizer: We use an ozonizer to filter air and reduce germs in the office. An ozonizer kills bacteria and minimizes contaminants by charging the air with a negative voltage, which creates ozone and reduces the likelihood of airborne illness. This device promotes a clean, sanitary environment for your dental visit.

Pure, Distilled Water System: Our office employs a closed, in-office water system for maximum cleanliness. We keep our water supply separate from the city water system so that filtered water is used at all times to treat your teeth, from routine cleanings to more advanced procedures. All individuals can leave our office with smiles that feel healthier and cleaner.

Ceramic Dental Crowns & Composites: As an alternative to amalgam fillings and dental crowns with a metal base, we offer ceramic dental crowns and composites. Although amalgam fillings have been used by dentists for many years for their durability, ceramic and white-colored composite materials are now strong enough to rival the use of amalgam, with significant benefits for your health. Metal amalgam used in dental restorations can irritate soft tissue for patients who have a sensitivity to metals. Metal also changes sizes as the temperature fluctuates, potentially cracking or damaging underlying tooth structure, but composite and ceramic materials do not create these health and functional issues.

Amalgam Removal:  In the event that you have an older metal restoration, Fine Dentistry offers amalgam removal. By adhering to standards set by the IAMOT, our Mission Hills dentists safely remove the amalgam restoration and replace it with more biocompatible materials.

Amalgam Separator:  Although not mandated by any government agency, at Fine Dentistry we believe it is our duty to protect our city from being polluted with the waste created during amalgam removal. We utilize an amalgam separator to safely collect and dispose of the removed amalgam ensuring that none of the waste ever reaches our environment.

Biocompatible Dentistry in San Diego

Dr. Purps provides dental care with a root cause, comprehensive approach that strives to make all procedures biocompatible and comfortable. If you want to improve your dental health while looking out for the health of your body, contact Fine Dentistry in San Diego today.

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