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Let us show you why we are different!

At Fine Dentistry, our San Diego dentist, Dr. Sabine Purps, uses a holistic approach to dental care that emphasizes the why instead of the what; we seek to find the causes of dental problems, rather than just treat the symptoms.  Our goal is to provide you with an understanding of your oral health, which is vital in keeping your teeth for the rest of your life!

Our patients get better and healthier each time they see us. Let us show you how to overcome the challenges which have been preventing you from having a healthy smile. Contact Fine Dentistry today for your consultation.

Dr. Sabine Purps San Diego Dentist
Dr. Purps Dentist San Diego

Friendly Dental Care in Mission Hills, San Diego

Our dental office provides an environment where patients are treated as guests and can truly feel at home. Dr. Sabine A. Purps understands that many people are fearful of the dentist and works hard to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe at our office. We feature all of the latest technological innovations in dentistry within a positive, nurturing atmosphere.

We want you to have a lifetime of optimum dental health and help you meet this goal with the following services:

Biocompatible dentistry: safe amalgam removal, tooth-colored prosthetics, and pure water systems

Cosmetic procedures:
 porcelain crowns, dental implants, Invisalign®, veneers, aesthetic soft tissue contouring

Family dentistry: cleanings, sealants, fluoride, children’s first visits, oral health examinations

Dental disease is preventable.  It’s time to be free of the dental problems that are causing you pain, embarrassment, and discomfort.

Offering a Range of Special Services: Holistic Dental Care

Dr. Purps welcomes patients of all ages to experience the difference comprehensive dentistry can make. With a focus on all aspects of your safety and wellbeing, we ensure you enjoy a healthy smile for life. We protect your smile and wellness by avoiding the use of metal in dental restorations, safely removing amalgam fillings, and providing nutritional counseling to support strong, mineralized teeth that are resistant to decay.

By offering holistic dentistry in San Diego, Fine Dentistry is able to support a completely patient-centered approach to dentistry that reduces the risk of disease and promotes all-around patient comfort.

Schedule your appointment at Fine Dentistry’s dental office in San Diego. Let us empower you to take charge of your own oral health. 

San Diego Holistic Dentist – San Diego Natural Dentist 
Sabine A. Purps, DDS         

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