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Electric Drills for Dental Treatments in San Diego, CA

Electric Drills: A Commitment to Precise Care

Have you ever dreaded the sound of the dentist’s drill? Flinched at the vibration during a procedure? At Fine Dentistry, one of the best dental practices in San Diego, CA, Dr. Purps understands that dental anxiety is real. That’s why we’re committed to providing the most comfortable and precise care possible, utilizing advanced technology like electric dental drills.

Electric drills offer a significant advancement over traditional pneumatic drills. Unlike their noisy and potentially uncomfortable counterparts, electric drills operate quietly and smoothly. To learn more with Dr. Sabine Purps, call our office at (858) 923-8928

What is an Electric Dental Drill?

An electric dental drill, also known as an electric handpiece, is a dental instrument that utilizes a small electric motor for power instead of compressed air, the typical method in pneumatic drills. This motor allows for a quieter and smoother operation than its pneumatic counterpart.

Electric vs. Pneumatic Drills

Both electric and pneumatic drills serve the same purpose: removing tooth decay, preparing teeth for fillings, and performing other dental procedures. However, they differ in their power source and how they rotate the drill bit.

  • Pneumatic Drills: Powered by compressed air, these drills can be noisy and vibrate significantly, potentially causing discomfort for patients. Additionally, the air pressure can cause the bur to rotate with slight imperfections, leading to microfractures (tiny cracks) in the tooth.
  • Electric Drills: Powered by a small electric motor, these drills operate much quieter and vibrate less, creating a more comfortable experience. The electric motor also allows for a smoother, more precise rotation of the bur, minimizing the risk of microfractures.

Benefits of Electric Drills

There are several advantages to using electric dental drills, including:

  • Reduced Microfractures: The smoother cutting motion of electric drills minimizes the formation of tiny cracks in the tooth. This leads to stronger bonds for fillings and restorations, potentially increasing their longevity.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Electric drills are quieter and vibrate less than pneumatic drills, making the dental experience more comfortable for patients, especially those sensitive to noise and vibration.
  • Precise Control: The smoother cutting motion allows more precise control during procedures, potentially leading to better outcomes.

Treatments Using Electric Drills

Electric drills are a versatile tool in the dental professional’s arsenal and can be used for a wide range of procedures due to their smooth and precise cutting action. Here are some of the common treatments where electric drills shine:

  • Cavity Removal: Electric drills excel at removing tooth decay precisely. The smoother cutting motion minimizes damage to healthy tooth structure surrounding the cavity, allowing for a more conservative approach and potentially stronger dental restorations.
  • Tooth Preparation: Whenever a tooth needs a dental filling, crown, or bridge, some tooth structure needs to be removed to create space for the restoration. Electric drills provide the dentist with greater control and precision during this preparation, ensuring an accurate fit for the final restoration.
  • Bone Sculpting for Dental Implants: Dental implants require a certain amount of jawbone for secure placement. Electric drills with specialized attachments can be used to precisely sculpt and reshape the jawbone to accommodate the implant.
  • Gum Sculpting Procedures: In some cases, gum tissue needs to be reshaped or contoured for various reasons, such as gum disease treatment or aesthetic improvements around dental implants. Electric drills offer precise control for these delicate procedures.
  • Other Procedures: Electric drills can also be helpful in various other dental procedures, such as removing minor tooth irregularities or smoothing rough edges after tooth extraction.

Dr. Purps’ Commitment to Patient Safety and Comfort

electric drillDr. Purps prioritizes patient comfort and safety throughout all dental procedures. Utilizing electric drills is a reflection of this commitment. Electric drills offer several advantages:

  • Reduced risk of microfractures, potentially leading to stronger, longer-lasting dental work.
  • Quieter and less vibration for a more comfortable experience.
  • Precise control for optimal treatment outcomes.

If you have any questions or concerns about electric drills or any other aspect of your dental care, Dr. Purps and our San Diego, CA, dental team will discuss them with you. Call (858) 923-8928 to learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric drills more powerful than pneumatic drills?

Electric drills don’t necessarily remove tooth structure faster than pneumatic drills. Both achieve similar cutting rates. The key difference lies in the way they achieve that cutting action.

Do electric drills hurt less than traditional dental drills?

Electric drills generate less noise and vibration, leading to a potentially more comfortable dental experience for patients who might find traditional drills unpleasant.

Will using an electric drill affect the cost of my dental procedure?

The cost of the drill itself typically needs to be directly reflected in the patient’s bill. However, some dental practices might factor in the overall investment in advanced technology when setting their fees.

Is there a difference in the sound between electric and pneumatic drills?

Yes! Pneumatic drills are known for their high-pitched whine, which some patients find unpleasant. Electric drills operate at a quieter level with a less jarring sound.

Learn More About Our State-of-the-Art Technology at Fine Dentistry in San Diego

Electric drills offer numerous benefits,  including reduced microfractures for stronger fillings, a quieter and more comfortable experience, and precise control for optimal outcomes.

If you’re looking for a dentist who prioritizes patient comfort and utilizes the latest technology, Dr. Purps is the perfect choice. Contact our office today at (858) 923-8928 to schedule an appointment and experience the difference electric drills can make in your dental care. We welcome patients from Chula Vista, National City, El Cajon, and La Mesa, CA.

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