A beautiful smile is often connected to healthy, optimally-functioning teeth. However, nature can often have a less-than-ideal effect on our image as we age. Over time, dental health can be neglected and tends to suffer as a result.

Keeping up with oral healthcare should be the first of many health priorities, since the mouth is often referred to as the gateway to the rest of the body.

Age-reversing dentistry treats common dental issues that occur as we get older, restoring the smile to a youthful, healthy state. This approach to dental care improves overall health and allows patients to leave our office with a smile that is both healthy and beautiful.

Bioesthetic Dentistry Restores Your Youth

Through a lifetime of use, teeth can decay, chip, and receive damage in many ways. Furthermore, the jaw can fall out of alignment as it compensates for the changes in dentition. This can lead to head and neck tension, TMJ issues, a smaller chin, and grinding.

These issues contribute to a larger concern regarding the entire chewing system. Overall health can suffer as a result of a poorly functioning chewing system, as it becomes more difficult to speak, maintain proper nutrition, and smile with confidence.

Issues of the smile that come with age can include:

  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder
  • Head and Neck Tension and Disposition
  • Loose or Missing Teeth
  • Small Chin and Softened Jawline
  • Shortened Teeth from Grinding or Damage
  • Worn, Misshaped, or Damaged teeth
  • Discoloration

Getting Started with Age-Reversing Dentistry

The most important step in ensuring we deliver a quality, personalized treatment is conducting a comprehensive examination of the chewing and smiling system.

Dr. Purps and her team take 3D images of the smile and capture several photos detailing the health and current state of the oral structure. From there, our dentist develops a treatment plan unique to the patient. We consider what the person wants and needs, creating a plan that can successfully reach better oral health.

Discover a Treatment Plan Built for You

Treating dental issues could mean using orthodontic treatment to align teeth into position, bonding to repair chips or cracks, and crowns to restore the smile. We can use veneers or teeth whitening to improve the appearance, and other procedures to restore the smile’s vibrancy.

Age-reversing dentistry looks into the entire chewing system, which includes the position of the head, neck, jaw, teeth, muscles, nerves, and lips, all of which contribute to a person’s overall appearance and dental function.

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Dr. Sabine Purps and her team look to improve a person’s quality of life through responsive, proactive treatments. Since treatments at our practice produce quality, long-lasting results, future visits to the dental office are reduced and patients can smile with confidence again.

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