TMJ Disorder Treatment in San Diego, CA

If you experience discomfort while moving your jaw, you could have a temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. It may be caused by stress, tooth grinding, or misalignment of the jaw and teeth. TMD symptoms can become painful and interfere with your ability to sleep, talk, and eat.

Dr. Sabine Purps is one of a select few dentists who have specialized training that includes bio-aesthetics in the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder. By placing and keeping the teeth and jaw in the proper position, many dental issues can be avoided. Fine Dentistry in San Diego addresses the deeper issues that affect oral health and offers solutions to keep your smile in optimal condition.

Symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

The muscles and ligaments that allow you to move your jaw also control the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). These joints are located on both sides of the jaw, and they allow you to chew, speak, smile, and yawn.

You could have the temporomandibular joint disorder if you hear a clicking or popping sound when chewing. Some people notice swelling and tenderness in the jaw area, and migraines, earaches, and neck pain can also result from TMD.

Mild TMD Treatment Options

Stress can sometimes trigger temporary symptoms of TMD. Conservative treatment options can help, and Dr. Purps may recommend that you rest your jaw and eat soft foods for a while. Alternating in applying heat and cold to the jaw can also relieve symptoms.

Certain medications like anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants work well to reduce pain, as well as physical therapy. Physical therapy may include ultrasound heat treatment and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to help repair joints and muscles.

Customized Prosthetics Provided at Fine Dentistry for TMD

For persistent symptoms of TMD, Dr. Sabine Purps designs customized prosthetics that train the jaw to remain in a position that restores health and alleviates pain.

  • MAGO or Maxillary Anterior Guided Orthotic is a hard-acrylic appliance that evens the bite so your jaw and neck muscles can stabilize the jaw joints. It is worn 24 hours a day, even while eating, and has provided dramatic relief for many patients.
  • Occlusal Splints adjust the position of your jaw while you sleep, reducing stress on your teeth and jaw tissues.
  • Nightguards are plastic retainers that are custom designed to fit your teeth, ensuring that teeth cannot grind against each other at night.
  • Orthodontic treatments realign teeth that have malocclusion, or a misalignment of the jaw.

Relieve TMD Discomfort with Dr. Sabine Purps at Fine Dentistry in San Diego

Dr. Sabine Purps thoroughly evaluates patients before she chooses the best treatment option, and she has advanced training in treating TMD and its effect on oral health and facial appearance. Give Fine Dentistry a call to learn more about our treatment options for TMD.

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