Meet the San Diego Fine Dentistry Team!

Having practiced holistic and natural health dentistry for several years before opening this practice, Dr. Purps employs high standards for her staff. We are proud to introduce our outstanding TEAM.

Marsha, RDH, BS

Registered Dental Hygienist – Orofacial Myology Therapist

Marsha is an accomplished Registered Dental Hygienist practicing for almost 20 years.

Her love for the human smile and passion for her profession led the way to further her studies and is a practicing Orofacial Myology Therapist with an emphasis on Thumb sucking elimination. She also became a Buteyko Breathing Educator.

Marsha graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.

Marsha loves the outdoors and enjoys San Diego living with her husband and son.


Treatment Coordinator

Beverly joined Fine Dentistry in March 2020 as a treatment coordinator. She began her dental career in 2001 as a registered dental assistant. She made the transition to the front office in 2011, but still loves to work in the clinical setting when given an opportunity.
“I love every aspect of dentistry-from the science to patient education and treatment. I chose to join this amazing team because they provide excellent quality of care and service.”
In her spare time, Beverly loves to share her passion for health and wellness with others, spending time with her husband and 3 amazing children, Zumba, hiking, and drinking local IPA. Not always in that order!

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Dental Assistant / Front Office

Educated in Grossmont Community College ROP program. Darin has been working in the dental field since 2002 and could not be happier about his work!
He finds great satisfaction in helping put smiles back on the faces of patients, getting them back in the game, and building their confidence. Says Darin, “We provide the best dental care to each and every person who walks through our doors, knowing we will make a positive impact on their lives. I prize the rewards that come from providing patients with top-quality care and seeing the hearing what a difference we can make.” Darin Loves his family, Playing sports, and making a difference in people’s lives.


Dental Hygienist

Monica has been in the dental field for several years as a dental assistant prior working as a hygienist. She got her degree in dental hygiene right here in San Diego at Southwestern College.

For Monica, the best part about her job is creating relationships with her patients. She loves to get to know them beyond their dental needs and, of course, it’s always rewarding to help them get on the path to better oral health. She’s had a passion for dentistry ever since she was young, and was always naturally drawn to the field.

Outside of work, Monica loves to spend time with her friends and family, as well as enjoys nature and being outdoors.

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