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Braces are a popular dental treatment to fix crooked, misaligned teeth. However, maintaining oral hygiene while wearing them requires a bit more effort. It is significant to maintain proper dental care because if you do not, you will have straightened teeth but may develop some other oral health problems.

Here is how you should manage teeth cleaning with braces:

  • For brushing your teeth with braces, place the tips of the bristles flat against your teeth, starting at the front surfaces, and gently polish them clean with small circular strokes. Maintain circular strokes while tilting the brush toward the gum line (down for bottom teeth, up for top teeth) for areas between braces and gums. Then, using a firm back-and-forth motion, move on to the chewing surfaces of upper and lower teeth. Finally, brush the back surfaces of your teeth with the same care as you did the front surfaces
  • Flossing at least once a day is required to keep healthy teeth with braces. But how can you get floss beneath your braces’ archwire? With the help of a floss threader, it is not too difficult. It is similar to threading a needle when using this device: Pull one end of the floss through the threader, then push the threader under the archwire along with the free end of the floss. Now, take each end of the floss, slide it up and down the sides of both teeth, and all the way under the gums, until you hear a squeaky sound. Finally, remove it and use a new section of floss for the next spot
  • In addition to this basic dental health care routine at home, you should have regular dental check-ups and cleanings at your dentist’s clinic
  • For better teeth care with braces, ask your dentist regarding oral products and tools that can help you maintain dental hygiene properly and conveniently. This may include brushing and floss tools that make it easier to reach the tighter spaces of the mouth, mouthwashes, and toothpaste

You may find it difficult to keep up with proper oral hygiene while wearing braces, but you should understand its significance. When the braces come off, you may have an improved alignment of the teeth, but if you lacked dental hygiene, you may have created additional problems. When you get braces, your dentist will provide you with special instructions and dental tips on how to maintain dental health during the treatment. Follow these instructions and you can greatly reduce the risk of developing further dental issues.

Here are a few tips if you wear braces:

  • Brush after every meal
  • Use a brush with soft bristles
  • Avoid using an excessive amount of toothpaste
  • Spend at least two minutes each time you brush
  • Use a mouthwash at night after brushing
  • Use a floss threader or other dentist-recommended flossing tool

Dental Health with Braces in San Diego

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