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A bright smile has the power to brighten up your day (and others).

If you think your teeth are not looking their best at the moment. It can look its best with dental bonding.

Dental bonding is a composite resin material used to hide imperfections.

It is one of the best cosmetic treatments to hide flaws for a short period. Most people consider dental bonding before their grad school or wedding day or big interview/meeting day.

It is a single-visit treatment. It is simple and effective. And, it is the only hope for you to fix your cosmetic problems…immediately.

Let’s have a look at the four cosmetic problems dental bonding can fix.

Amend accidents!

Have you just bumped into a pole and got your teeth cracked?

…or maybe met with a sports incident.

Regardless, dental bonding can fix chipped or cracked tooth problems in one dental visit. Just consult with your dentist.

An x-ray would help to figure out if the issue is complex or not. If it is not, your dentist will fix it at the same time.

The impact of food and pigments…

Tooth discoloration happens gradually. People who love to eat berries, and coffee (who don’t love it?) might end up getting permanent stains on their teeth.

Yes, you have guessed it right…dental bonding can fix discolored or stained teeth

…but not permanently. The dental bonding material is porous meaning it absorbs pigments from food. It will take dental bonding mold no time to flaunt what you eat.

Mind the gaps!

Usually, aligners and braces are used to fix gaps in between teeth. But, if they are not a viable option for you, then you can always try dental bonding.

The material is carefully placed on your teeth. Your dentist will make sure that it blends in with other natural teeth.

It is a very effective treatment to reduce gaps between teeth.

Cosmetic treatment is the new restorative treatment…

Dental implants, fillings, and tooth extraction are considered to be the only great option for tooth decay.

But, did you know that dental bonding material can also be used for dental fillings?

Yes, most people do not want amalgam filling color, and dentists replace it with composite resin.

How much does dental bonding cost?

Dental bonding is a simple and effective treatment. It is inexpensive too. A simple treatment of dental bonding for one tooth will cost you $100 – $350. The cost depends on the complexity of the task, area, and your dentist’s expertise.

Do insurance companies cover dental bonding costs?

Mostly yes! You can have a look at what your insurance company offers. There are chances that if you could not get full coverage, you might end up getting partial coverage.

With rapid advancements, there are few things untreatable. If you have any of these cosmetic problems, you can contact your dentist in San Diego.

Your dentist in San Diego is a smile expert. Get dental bonding and you will never have to hesitate while smiling… You deserve the best smile in the world.

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