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Providing professional dental treatments requires precision and control. This is why dentists use professional dental tools. Studies have shown that patients often shy away from visiting a dentist or receiving treatment because they fear such medical instruments. However, if you understood what certain dental instruments are meant for, you are less likely to feel nervous.

In this article, we discuss a few professional tools that are commonly used:

Mouth Mirror

There are places in your mouth that are not easy to look at. A mirror is perhaps the least scary among dental tools and is used for looking closely at different areas of the mouth.

It helps dentists look in detail even in the tightest corners of their mouths. Dentists often use this mirror to gently move aside the tongue or other oral tissues and take a better view of an affected area.

Sickle Probe

It may sound scary, but dentists simply use the sickle probe for exploring the regions in your mouth and detect problems such as cavities. This dental instrument comes in different shapes and sizes, along with differently shaped hooks attached at one end. The purpose of the tool is to check the surface of the teeth for hardness. Sometimes, dentists also use it as a tooth scraper to remove plaque and tartar between the teeth.

Suction Device

Dentists typically use two types of suction instruments. One type is used to eliminate saliva from the mouth while the dentist performs a treatment. It has a j-shaped hollow plastic tube, which allows the dentists not to hold it at all times. Due to its shape, the device easily hangs from the patient’s lower teeth and effectively removes saliva and water through its perforated end. Meanwhile, the other type of suction device is more high-powered and is used to remove tartar, old fillings, and tooth fragments.


When a probe cannot remove plaque and other build-ups, the dentist will use a scaler. It helps in getting rid of build-ups developed in tiny pockets between teeth. Your dentist will typically use this when you get your regular cleaning done. Nowadays, there are also ultrasonic scalers available that remove the build-up using vibrational energy instead of scraping.


When the patient has to get treatments such as dental crowns, dentures, or bridges, the dentist will make use of moulds to make impressions of the natural teeth. These dental instruments are small frames that the dentist fills with a liquid that hardens with time. You may experience a bitter taste after having the mould in your mouth but no other inconvenience. Sometimes, dentists can use flavoured ones.

Dental Drills

The idea of drilling in your mouth can make you anxious but a dental drill is a safe cleaning dental tool and your dentist knows exactly how to use it. It is used to remove tooth decay before the filling of cavities. The dental instrument consists of a water spray as well so the drill does not get hot while working on your teeth. The dentist will typically use a local anaesthetic before drilling so that the patients can have minimal discomfort.

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