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Emergency Dentists in San Diego – FINE DENTISTRY

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in San Diego, call our dental office at (619) 295-6500 for immediate care.

Fine Dentistry has an emergency dentist available at our office in San Diego to address your concerns quickly in any urgent situation. Contact our office to schedule an appointment if you have a true emergency.

Emergency Dental Appointments When You Need One

Sudden toothaches, pain in the jaw, bleeding gums, and accidents that damage teeth require prompt attention to avoid complications and protect your oral health.

At Fine Dentistry, our number one priority is to enhance your dental comfort. We offer same-day appointments and are on call 24 hours per day for emergencies. Even if we cannot completely eliminate your problem with just one visit, we take whatever steps we can to have you feeling comfortable until cosmetic or restorative treatment can be completed.

We provide the following:

• Repairs for cracked or chipped teeth
• Relief of tooth and soft tissue infections
• Replacements for avulsed teeth
• Restoration of broken or loose dental prosthetics

Comprehensive Treatment for Patient Comfort

In many cases, a dental emergency is a sign of an underlying dental problem. Our dentists use a root cause, comprehensive approach when handling sudden issues. During a comprehensive examination with our state-of-the-art digital imaging system, we look for the immediate cause of your symptoms and investigate what larger problems are contributing to your issue.

With this information, we develop a master treatment plan to address both your immediate needs and your ongoing oral health concerns. This approach helps provide relief for your current discomfort and protects your health in the future.

Affordable Emergency Dental Services in Mission Valley

Drs. Purps believes that no one should have to endure dental pain because of concerns over cost. Fine Dentistry offers options to help you afford your dental care. We assist with insurance filing, accept credit cards, and work with you to make the cost of emergency care manageable. Don’t let worries about paying to keep you from getting the help that could potentially save your teeth.

Contact Fine Dentistry of San Diego now to schedule an emergency dentistry appointment and get free of pain and on the path to good dental health.

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