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Family Dentistry in San Diego

Out of everybody’s part that changes with time, teeth change is the most significant one. From milk teeth to permanent teeth, our dental health takes loads of turns. But, how do you care for a child’s dental health? Is it similar to an adult’s oral health care routine? We will find out answers to these questions together. Also, if you have recently moved to San Diego, California, or just became a new parent, family dentistry will prove to be useful for you. But, what exactly is family dentistry?

A family dentist is someone who can treat patients of all age groups. They treat kids and teenagers particularly, which are the most difficult age group to handle. There is no major difference between a traditional dentist and a family dentist. They are just experienced pediatricians.

What does a Family Dentist do?

Family dentists perform more or less the same treatments as traditional dentists. However, they are more experienced in preventive and restorative dentistry than in cosmetic dentistry.

Regular Checkups

They are the most important part of a kid’s/teenager’s life. Most kids grow up while eating loads of candies and chocolates. These types of sugary foods increase the chances of getting cavities or gum irritation. Bi-annual check-ups help in the prevention of these occurring diseases. It is also essential to make sure the teeth and gums are in proper health and growing properly.

Dental Treatments

If your dentist foresees any cavities occurring in near future, there is a possibility that a fluoride treatment or a dental sealant will be suggested. These treatments are a GREAT way to treat tooth decay.


Family dentists are not expert orthodontists. But, they offer an examination to determine and suggest a better trustworthy orthodontist in the city.

Cavities Fillings

While growing up, cavities are entirely preventable. Therefore, timely identification and treatment will prevent cavities and their expansion.

Treatment for Gum Disease

Kids and teenagers are obsessed with jellies and sugar-laden foods. To avoid any gum disease, a regular checkup becomes a necessity. And, if any gum disease is diagnosed, timely treatment can make oral health better.

Why should you visit a family dentist?

People often struggle in finding a proper traditional dentist. Imagine the headache of finding different dentists for different kids. It would be a miserable experience. Therefore, people usually go to a family dentist who is experienced with all age groups.

You can get a complete dental treatment, from preventive to restorative treatments.

Also, it will teach your kids discipline. When you visit and take their dental care seriously, there are chances that they will also take their dental care seriously. So, it is never a loss!

To get in touch with one of the best family dentists in San Diego, you can call San Diego Fine Dentistry. We care about your kid’s health more than anyone would. Also, you don’t have to worry about Covid, because we follow all the precautions. Call us now!

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