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Discover the Benefits of San Diego Family Dentistry

At Fine Dentistry, we understand the importance of making sure your child has a healthy start in life.  We have served as a family dentistry office in the San Diego area for the last 9 years. We have helped many parents get their little ones on the path to having healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives. The comfort and health of your child is always our top concern. We go out of our way to make trips to the dentist positive experiences and help to prevent anxieties that could lead to fear of dental treatment in adult life.

A Welcoming Environment for Young Patients

Dr. Sabine A. Purps of Fine Dentistry San Diego provides family dentistry services for children as young as 1 year of age. Our dentist uses an extra gentle touch and take the time needed to put both kids and their parents at ease.  Every trip to see one of our family dentists ends on a fun, positive note with a trip to our treasure chest.  

We offer the following services as a part of our comprehensive menu of family-friendly dental care:

• Digital x-rays
• Teeth Cleanings
• Composite Fillings
• Sealants
• Fluoride varnish (as needed)
• Office tours for young children
• Consultations and examinations
• Personalized treatments plans

A Complete Approach to Promote Lifelong Oral Health

Fine Dentistry uses a holistic approach to family dentistry that focuses on the health of the entire body as well as oral health. In addition to providing your child with regular dental cleanings and exams, we will also equip you with the knowledge that you need to get your child's teeth and gums off to the healthiest start. We have a nutritionist and wellness coordinators on staff to provide you with advice and education about the best ways to promote good oral health through diet, supplements, and oral hygiene. We also offer counseling for pregnant mothers on nutrition and supplementation. In the event that we find a dental problem during an examination with your child, we will develop a comprehensive plan to address the issue and its underlying causes. Our focus on the root causes of oral health concerns leads to improved outcomes and healthier smiles for a lifetime.

A State-of-the-Art, Green Office

Our family-friendly dental office in Old Town San Diego has all of the latest technologies used in the field of dental science. Our x-ray system produces high quality panoramic digital images of the teeth and gums to help us better diagnose problems and spot cavities while minimizing children's exposure to radiation. Our office has an eco-friendly design with no lead paint, an ozonizer to remove impurities from the air, and a closed system to ensure water purity. We use only biocompatible dental materials with no mercury to protect adults and children from toxins.
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