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Many people ask different questions about mouthguards. We have compiled the 10 most frequently asked questions about mouthguards in this article.

Let’s have a look!

What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is to your teeth what helmet is to your head. It covers your teeth to protect them from injuries and teeth grinding.

Who needs a mouthguard?

People having these disorders need them more than anyone:

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Bruxism (a chronic teeth-grinding disorder) 
  • Sports player
  • Bikers or hikers
  • Ice skaters and gymnastics

How many types of mouthguards are there?

We can classify it into two parts:

  • For safety measurement
  • For bruxism

There are different types of mouthguards available for each classification. Let’s have a look;

Custom-made mouthguards

When you visit your dentist for consultation and if you need a mouthguard, your dentist will create one for you.

Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to create a mouthguard that fits perfectly in your mouth. They are more comfy than other types. They are expensive.

…but they can be used for safety purposes and for bruxism as well.

Boil-and-bite mouthguards:

You can shape these mouthguards at your own place. When you put the thermoplastic mouthguard in hot water, then place it into your mouth. You can push gently to fit in the mouth. And, run it under ice-cold water. This is how you can shape this device.

Stock mouthguards:

This is a mouthguard for all people. These ready-to-wear mouthguards are not specially made for you, and they might not fit well into your mouth. They are the least preferable mouthguards.

How to choose a mouthguard?

Your dentist will diagnose the disorder and would suggest you anything that suits you well. Connect with your dentist in San Diego to choose a mouthguard for yourself.

What is a mouthguard made from?

This is made from poly (vinyl acetate ethylene) copolymer. In easier words, it is thermoplastic.

Can you wear it while eating?

Nope! You must not eat or drink anything except for water while wearing your mouthguard.

Can you wear it all day long?

If you feel comfortable wearing them all day, you can. However, it is not required to wear them all the time.

Does wearing a mouthguard hurt?

Mostly, OTC mouthguards are not comfortable. They do make you feel uncomfortable.

Can you wear it on braces?

Yes! You can use a mouthguard while you have braces on your teeth. It is perfectly fine. Your dentist will create a customized mouthguard for your teeth in such situations.

What is the difference between aligners and mouthguards?

The basic difference between a mouthguard and aligners is:

Aligners are designed to keep the teeth in one place.

Mouthguards are designed to keep your mouth safe.

To get custom-made mouthguards from your dentist in San Diego, you can contact us now to book an appointment. Your dentist will take an impression and your mouthguards will be ready soon!

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