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While teeth discolouration can happen due to certain dental health issues, it could also be the case with foods that stain teeth. A common question asked to dentists is ‘does tea stain your teeth? There are several more foods and beverages that do the same.

In this article we discuss a few foods that are responsible for staining the teeth:

Tea, Coffee, & Soda

Let us start with the well-known culprits: tea and coffee. While many of us rely on coffee to get us going in the morning, it is not good for our teeth. Tannins, a chemical molecule found in coffee, can cause colour chemicals to adhere to your teeth.

Tannins are found in tea, just as they are in coffee. Casein, a protein found in milk, can assist to counteract the tea’s staining properties. Try making your next cup of tea using 2% milk to reduce its staining effects.

Among the foods that stain teeth, you should not be surprised to find soda on the list. Sugary drinks like soda, particularly black cola, can discolour your teeth while also eroding the enamel. This allows the dentin of your tooth to show through, which is a darker, naturally yellow layer beneath the enamel that causes your teeth to seem yellow.

Sugary Foods

Dentists preach to their patients about the dangers of candy and other sugary goodies all the time. While many meals provide a variety of health benefits, candies and sweets do not, thus it is preferable to avoid them. Also, if you simply need something sweet, brush and floss as soon as possible so the sugar does not stick to your teeth.

Acidic Foods

People frequently add lemon to their water and consume acid-rich foods. While they are beneficial to your health, they are harmful to your teeth.

The acid can progressively erode at the enamel, exposing yellow-tinged dentin underneath. Consume such items less frequently.


Wine, whether red or white, is also part of the list of foods that stain teeth. The tannins in red wines cling to your teeth and stain them, much like they do in coffee. The acidity of white wine chips away at the enamel. This allows other items to attach to those pockets, encouraging discolouration of your teeth. You do not have to cut the wine completely. But moderation can be healthy for your teeth.

Tomato & Soy Sauces

Everyone loves pizza, except it may be causing harm to your teeth. Tomato sauces have brilliant colour and high acidity, making them ideal for staining your teeth.

Rinse your mouth with water after eating your slice or a large plate of spaghetti. This will aid in the removal of the sauce from your teeth as well as reduce its effect. Also, soy sauce is darkly pigmented and acidic, making it another prominent item on the list of foods that stain teeth.

If you want to learn more about what makes your teeth yellow, along with dental tips for healthy teeth, book a consultation with one of the dentists at Fine Dentistry in San Diego.

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