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Stains or spots can still form on your teeth even though you brush and floss them frequently and appropriately. While certain types of discoloration may only be an aesthetic concern, dark or black stains on teeth may potentially indicate something more serious, such as cavities.

It is very typical for teeth to have brown spots of discoloration. By altering your lifestyle or getting dental care at San Diego dental care, you can frequently prevent or eradicate them. Having said that, it’s important to know that Black spots are not always the result of tooth decay.

The colors of these dots range from yellowish-brown to black-brown. The size and shape can change. Some people could see blotchy, disorganized areas, while others might see teeth turning black at the gum line.

Continue reading if you are anxious about why are your teeth turning black and how your smile will be affected by black dots and spots on your teeth:

Reasons for Teeth Turning Black


This can form due to the consumption of dark-coloured or stains-causing food products. In addition to blackberries and blueberries, balsamic vinegar, and soy sauce, this also contains typical items like tea, coffee, and fizzy beverages.


Black stains on teeth frequently form from smoking. Your teeth may become yellow from smoking, but if you continue, they will probably become darker. While chewing tobacco may not produce smoke, it will nevertheless have a similar impact, leaving black stains on teeth that are difficult to remove.


Another potential source of black teeth is chromogenic bacteria, which manifests as a thin, black stain near the gum line. On top of that, dental caries can occasionally cause existing fillings and restorations to develop dark spots on their edges.

Dental Materials

Amalgam blues, which also darken the tooth, can occur when certain metallic restoration materials, like amalgam, are used. It is so that the underlying metallic hue may be visible, as the enamel is translucent.


Teeth turning black may result from early usage of medicines like tetracycline. Teeth development may be impacted by hereditary diseases as well. Conditions like cystic fibrosis, fluorosis, or dentinogenesis imperfecta interfere with the development of enamel and dentin in the mouth, resulting in discolored teeth or what causes black teeth.

The Prevention

It’s crucial to preserve your pearly white smile and dental health after treatment. Here are some recommendations for preventing future black stains and maintaining proper oral hygiene.

  •       Regularly check and inspect your teeth.
  •       Using fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day.
  •       Cleaning with floss or an interdental brush.
  •       Regular dental checkups to keep your mouth healthy
  •       Consume nutritious foods and beverages that contain less sugar.

Teeth don’t get brown overnight. It is a process that develops with time. Maintaining adequate oral hygiene can stop tooth decay and the incidence of black teeth.

The Treatment

There are solutions available if you wish to get rid of superficial black spots on your teeth that aren’t the result of tooth decay. While there are numerous ways to get rid of teeth stains, the one that works best for you will depend on the kind and source of the staining.

You can get s whiter smile by using a whitening toothpaste, which contains mild abrasives and chemicals that can help eliminate black stains from teeth. The enamel layer would be removed with time, leading to sensitive teeth.

Some stains on teeth are irreversible, and bleaching won’t be able to get rid of them. Under these circumstances, your dentist will cover up these stains with porcelain veneers or crowns.

On the other hand, if your dentist believes that internal staining is the reason for your teeth’s appearance of darkness, you might need to undergo a particular whitening operation to get whiter-than-white teeth. The ADA advises getting veneers or crowns placed on your teeth to cover up any permanent stains that are unable to clean through bleaching. White fillings may also be helpful. The most effective way to get rid of tooth discoloration is to practice good oral hygiene daily.

A Final Word

Nowadays, it’s essential to have a white, healthy smile. Just be careful to keep your smile intact. Without first consulting, your dentist, avoid using over-the-counter or DIY home whitening kits. To schedule an appointment to remove black stains right away, call the dentist in San Diego.

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