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The method you pick will determine how long it takes to whiten your teeth. It is preferable to choose a tooth whitening treatment at the dentist’s office that may provide effective results in a single visit for enhancing one’s smile. It will probably take weeks or months for those over-the-counter (OTC) tooth whitening solutions to show any effect. For example, if you use a whitening toothpaste or other OTC treatments, which often include certain devices, will show results at a slow pace, and even then, the results are not as striking as of professional dental treatments.

Teeth Whitening Results at a Dental Clinic

The length of time it takes to show teeth whitening results depends on the severity of the staining and the dentist’s method. Professional treatments for whitening teeth usually take between half an hour and an hour and a half to finish. After this brief length of time, your teeth will be noticeably brighter. In fact, whitening your teeth could be accomplished in as little as one visit.

In certain situations, lightening the color of your teeth can take up to ten trips to the dentist, but even then, the final teeth whitening results are worth it. The type of treatment being implemented to whiten your teeth significantly impacts the time it takes to improve your smile.

Teeth whitening at the dentist’s office is, in general, a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of your smile. Patients usually leave the dentist’s office with teeth that are three shades lighter than when they arrived.

Sometimes, you may be getting a tooth whitening treatment from a dentist but the application of the treatment takes place at home. The whitening results in this situation are also better than what you may get over the counter.

If the dentist is providing you with whitening trays for home, here is how it happens:

To guarantee that the whitening solution reaches all of the teeth, dental experts must build a mouth guard using imprints. Once the treatment begins, usually from the comfort of your own home, you will be required to apply the whitening product regularly for two to four weeks. The amount of stain will determine how much you apply. Typically, these treatment sessions take between 30 minutes to an hour.

Why Choose a Teeth Whitening Dentist?

If you get teeth whitening done at a dentist’s office, you get more than just better results. A teeth whitening dentist is well-versed in what treatments can benefit individual patients and will perform the treatment safely. If you are worried about how long does teeth whitening last, then professional treatments have more long-lasting results. It is always better to spend your time and money on safe and effective treatments than to risk your dental health with OTC products not approved by dental experts.

Dental Whitening Treatment in San Diego

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