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We all know self-love is the most important for living a good life! There are many ways to shower love on ourselves…

One is to take care of our mental, physical…and dental health.

People often talk about how important physical fitness is. Nowadays, mental fitness means a lot for everyone too (and that’s awesome). But, the fitness we all tend to take lightly is “dental fitness.”

Let’s emphasize more on dental fitness!

For us, brushing once (or twice) a day is too much for dental fitness. Ironically, we use our teeth more than once or twice. We put pressure on them, we force them to chew our favorite crispy KFC (better than McDonald’s) chicken…and take all this for granted.

No, your teeth and mouth need more care. So, what should you do except for brushing twice a day?

  • Floss daily.
  • Rinse daily with an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Chew your food mindfully.
  • Take it easy on your food.
  • Cut down on sugar!
  • And, visit your dentist twice a year for a regular checkup.

All this to avoid misery and pain!

Dentists recommend taking dental fitness as seriously as you take our physical health.

(And, if you do not take your physical health seriously…well, you should know that regular exercise reduces the chances of colon cancer, osteoporosis, heart diseases, and hypertension. Not only this, recent studies have shown that it also prevents periodontitis… Enough reason to start taking care of your physical health too.)

So, why do dentists think that dental fitness is important in the first place?

  • Because the mouth is the most important organ!

Did you think that periodontitis can only affect your gums and teeth? You were wrong!

Recent studies have shown that periodontitis can also damage other organs such as the heart and digestive system. It can also increase the chances of getting heart strokes and pneumonia.

By taking your dental fitness seriously, you move towards a better lifestyle.

  • Better dental health means a better brain!

People often ignore how dental health can have an impact on mental health, precisely the brain. If gone wrong, dental infections can invade the bloodstream causing severe inflammation. It can also destroy the neurons to cause memory loss.

Dentists consider it a reason strong enough to stress the importance of dental fitness.

  • An interconnection between mental fitness and dental fitness

Your teeth are not only at the front foot while chewing and eating, but they also keep you in the conversation while socializing. Sometimes you don’t even realize how your teeth are creating an impact on your self-confidence.

We unconsciously brush our teeth before any gathering to make sure our teeth look our best. But, instant gimmicks could not hide tooth decay or periodontitis…and not to talk about BAD BREATH! It could single-handedly ruin our image.

Therefore, to avoid any future embarrassment, dentists recommend starting to take oral health seriously.

We all know that “prevention is better than cure.” So, this is high time to start caring for your physical, mental as well as dental fitness. To know more about how you can contribute to your dental fitness, contact our dental fitness expert in San Diego.

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