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It is not uncommon that you go for a regular dental visit and your dentist asks to get your wisdom tooth removed. It is possible that you do not seem to feel or notice any problems associated with your wisdom tooth. Therefore, you may not feel the need for a wisdom tooth removal.

While there is no specific teeth removal age, your dentist, upon dental examination, can detect signs that may necessitate removing them.

Your dentist will not remove your wisdom teeth if:

  • They are healthy
  • They have fully erupted
  • They are in the correct position and not causing bite issues
  • The person can easily clean them during daily hygiene routine

Here is when your dentist will recommend you get the wisdom teeth removed:

  • The teeth erupt at a wrong angle (at times, wisdom teeth can grow horizontally)
  • The teeth remain completely hidden within the gums. This can cause them to get trapped and become impacted. This occurrence can lead to infection and may cause a cyst, which can damage the roots of other teeth or bone support
  • The teeth only erupt partially from the gums. The area is already hard to reach and a partially erupted tooth cab attract more bacteria
  • The teeth are crowding the other teeth. This happens when the jaw does not have enough space for the wisdom tooth. The crowding can damage the surrounding teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal at an Early Age

As already mentioned, there is no wisdom teeth removal age, some dentists still recommend the removal at a younger age. The reason is that at this age, the roots and jaw bone are still not fully formed. This makes wisdom teeth recovery faster. Therefore, many young adults getting their teeth removed despite not experiencing any dental issues is common.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal a Surgery?

Since it is the extraction of teeth, it is a surgery. Many patients get overwhelmed at the mention of a surgical procedure and may worry about wisdom teeth removal pain. Just like any other surgical procedure, the dentist will not remove any of your teeth without numbing the area first. Patients do not feel significant discomfort during the removal and may only experience pressure.

As an invasive treatment has taken place, swelling after wisdom teeth removal is common. Your dentist will provide you with certain prescriptions to manage the wisdom teeth removal swelling and any residual pain. You will also be suggested to eat some best foods after wisdom teeth removal to make the recovery easier and faster.

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As per American Dental Association (ADA), the removal of wisdom teeth may become necessary if there is pain, repeated infection in the soft tissue of the lower last tooth, cysts, tumours, gum disease, damaged nearby teeth, or extensive dental decay.

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