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Are you also one of those who confuse cosmetic dentistry with restorative dentistry? Or have no idea what both of them are? You are not alone… a lot of people in San Diego have no idea about it too. As you might have guessed with their names “restorative dentistry” refers to the restoration of dental health, whereas, “cosmetic dentistry” deals with the aesthetics of dental health. This question might arise in your mind: which one is best for you?

When Restorative Dentistry is best?

Restorative dentistry has a clear purpose, which is the betterment of your oral health. Most of the time, it is about filling a damaged tooth replacing them with a dental crown or a bridge, or an implant. It is a possibility that the treatment will also help with the aesthetics of the teeth. Most of the time the restorative dentistry is a lengthy process and sometimes it is just a one-time treatment.

If any of you got your teeth knocked out, restorative dentistry can help you gain it back. The ultimate goal of restorative dentistry would be to preserve the natural capabilities as much as possible. The treatments that deal with the missing tooth dental implants, partial and full dentures, and dental bridges.

There are two types of restorative dentistry.

Direct tooth restoration: The process involves tooth filling and all those processes which require restoration of natural teeth. This type of dental procedure requires one dental visit.

Indirect tooth restoration: These are not one-time dental visit procedures, but their complete process of treatments for the restoration of dental health. If the dental damage is partial, your dentist might perform an inlays and onlays treatment. And if it is a missing tooth or tooth decay, your dentist may perform a dental implant or fix a dental crown.

And when is cosmetic dentistry the best?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments deal with the aesthetic side of dental health. In other words, cosmetic dentistry treatment will help you get a better smile. It is whatsoever connected with restorative dentistry as some of the treatments of restorative dentistry are also performed for cosmetic purposes, but the ultimate goal is different.

The common treatments are dental implants, inlays and onlays, and dental crowns.

Stainfree teeth: The most different thing in cosmetic dentistry is the treatments for or stained tooth. There can be many different reasons behind stained teeth, such as frequent uses of coffee, smoking, or reaction to some medicines. But, cosmetic dentistry wants to give you a brighter smile, therefore, you can get a teeth whitening treatment from your cosmetic dentist in San Diego at any time of the year.

Straight teeth: Most of the people who hear about straightening of teeth, think of braces as the only treatment. But do you know that it is a cosmetic treatment? It allows you to get a better teeth structure and also helps in getting rid of crowded teeth. So, the next time someone says that cosmetic dentistry is for the RICH people, you have to tell them, “No, it is not!” Everyone deserves a good smile.

The difference between cosmetic and restorative dentistry is obvious. You can choose either of them or both of them; it depends on you. The point of concern is that you should choose dentists that have ample experience in these fields. If you couldn’t find one contact us, we will connect you to the best dentist in San Diego.

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