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Hey, do you want to save the $100,000 that you could be spending on your future treatment? We know a trick!

…and why do even people spend tons of money on these treatments when they can avoid them very easily?

Carelessness is the only answer.

Do you know, 30% of people in the United States are not even trying to brush twice a day?

Dental fitness should not be ignored…ever. And, if you think that a good dental fitness routine can cost you a fortune – well, a dental implant (or other restorative treatments) can cost somewhere between $3000-$5000.

A recent study has shown that periodontitis and tooth decay can also lead to heart strokes and brain infections. The brain infection could lead to memory loss. And, you would need a heart bypass surgery for a heart infection which costs more than $70,000!


So, how can you ACTUALLY take care of your dental fitness without shaking the walls and getting bankrupt?

There are a few simple steps that expert dentists swear by to live a fit dental life.

Do it all properly!

So, most of us already brush in the morning (and some people at night)…but we might not be doing it in the “perfect” way.

But, how do you brush properly?

Brushing (read: brushing properly) can reduce the chance of getting plaque and tartar.

Let’s see what is the idea of proper brushing according to experts.

  • Brush in the morning, right after waking up! (Yes…before having that cup of coffee.)
  • Always use a toothbrush with soft bristles… (I mean who even likes hard toothbrushes?)
  • Circular motion will help in removing plaque more efficiently. Try to complete 3 small circles on each tooth.
  • Do not just touch the teeth with the toothbrush. At least brush your mouth for 3-5 minutes. (The longer, the better!)

The “F” word!

Almost everyone talks about the magical powers of fluoride. It is not for nothing. Fluoride contains “FLUORINE” which combats bacteria and plaque.

Brushing properly is great with fluoride toothpaste.

Use fluoride toothpaste…something that is light and non-abrasive on tooth enamel and powerful on bacteria.

You can prefer not to rinse your mouth with water at night. This will help fluoride to work overnight.

Floss, floss, and floss!

We all know the importance of brushing our teeth! Brushing teeth is indeed the best thing…but it ONLY removes debris from the surface of teeth.

What flossing does is: removing debris residing in between the teeth.

Remember, be gentle with your tooth floss and ask your dentist in San Diego for assistance if you have braces.

Eating sugar, no mama!

It’s high time that we make this poem a reality. Sugar tastes good, chocolates are even better. But, what is not cool is the friendship between bacteria and sugar.

This friendship can take your natural tooth (and loads of money) from you.

Therefore, experts avoid sugar to live a happy, healthy life. So, AVOID SUGAR AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

Try to cut sugar on weekends because that’s when we consume sugary foods and beverages the most.

And, a crucial step of keeping your dental fitness in check is to “PAY VISIT TO YOUR DENTIST IN SAN DIEGO.”

Not because we miss you, but because it can help you avoid serious dangers in your life. Regular dental checkups, x-rays, and examinations can prevent any dental catastrophe. Timely treatments can save your teeth…and your $100,000 too!

Call your dental fitness expert now to live a carefree but healthy life.

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