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Have you ever been self-conscious about your teeth’s color because you thought they are too yellow? You might also be curious why teeth turn yellow or what makes your teeth yellow. The same thing has happened to almost all of us. It can be simple to become complacent when teeth turn yellow gradually. Fortunately, yellow teeth do not necessarily indicate a significant health problem. That doesn’t mean realizing you don’t have the whitest or brightest smile, especially in today’s selfie-obsessed world isn’t discouraging and might impair your confidence.

Even though cleaning your teeth properly and repeatedly is said to give you “whiter teeth,” some people with yellow teeth won’t experience any changes no matter how often they brush. We’ll go through the reasons for teeth turning yellow in this article.

Increase in Age

According to research, tooth yellowing is a natural process that may accelerate by growing older. Many times, this problem is also present due to hereditary and familial factors. The tooth begins to deposit more dentin as a person ages, which reduces the pulp and lessens the teeth’s ability to be translucent, making them appear more yellow.

Bad Food for Teeth

The sauces, dark curries, and black coffee are major food that makes your teeth yellow as they include compounds known as tannins, renowned for their discoloring effects that tend to stain the teeth if used excessively and frequently. Their residue is able to adhere to the surface of teeth, tainting the enamel. Another significant cause of tooth discoloration is the intake of teeth yellowing solutions such as soda and other fizzy drinks. These things leave stains on the surface of the teeth.

It’s a common query amount people that does tea stain your teeth? Yes, Tea also contains tannins that tend to stain teeth. There can be two types of stains called intrinsic and extrinsic stains that need to be treated by a dental hygienist.


In addition to being a harmful habit, smoking tobacco is also bad for oral health, sometimes even causing cancer of the mouth and gums. It includes the practice of chewing tobacco. Heavy smokers frequently regret having unpleasant brownish or yellowish teeth, unpleasant odors, and teeth that are in poor condition.

The most obvious side-effect of smoking is the stains on teeth, which frequently cause social shame. The cure is to stop smoking, although people search for whitening teeth at home and later may spend excessive money on teeth whitening procedures.


Few disorders directly impact the enamel and dentin in the mouth. Chemotherapy and radiation for cancer patients cause chemical reactions in the body that result in stained teeth. Additionally, specific antibiotic drugs like tetracycline and doxycycline also cause yellowish teeth.

 It’s common for people to use powerful mouthwashes with substances like chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride, which are claimed to erode the teeth’s enamel and discolor it. Dental professionals frequently apply silver sulfide, which leaves a greyish-black stain on the teeth.

Chipping off Enamel

Due to eating, the teeth’s enamel covering begins to erode and thin, exposing the tooth’s yellow dentin and giving the appearance of being more yellow. In our teeth, beneath the enamel, is a dark layer with a yellow to brown hue called dentin. It is the main reason that teeth look yellow. As the enamel begins to chip off and more dentin is exposed, the color changes.

A Final Word

You should take care of your dental health, take care of your teeth, and get a thorough examination of your teeth if you want to prevent discoloration.

Additionally, if you want a professional dentist to whiten your teeth, you can see a cosmetic dentistry specialist who provides top-notch dental services in San Diego.

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